Big News

April 13th, 2017 by trinahodges

Very excited to share!

Giuliano Part 2

November 24th, 2016 by trinahodges

We all remember the cutie from the lifestyle video we posted back in March. We caught up with Giuliano again as he gave us a tour of his new house. We can’t help but LOVE this kid, and we are sure you will too!!!
I LOVE my Job!!!

A tribute to my Grandma Pat Stayner

November 14th, 2016 by trinahodges

A special visit with my Grandma Pat Stayner chatting about her career in Real Estate. A woman who opened so many doors for so many people!

I Love Sherwood Park

June 21st, 2016 by trinahodges

Love. What does this “little” word mean?

By definition, love is an intense feeling of deep affection or passion for something or someone. When I say I LOVE Sherwood Park, it really comes for a deep place in my core. Sherwood Park is my birthplace, my home and the place where my family and community thrive.

I am so proud to serve the people of Sherwood Park. There is no place I would rather be.

Thank you Sherwood Park. I love you.


March 29th, 2016 by trinahodges

numbers-time-watch-whitePeople who are at the top of their industry get there by doing something different than the rest. These people hold innate characteristics and qualities that get them to the top of their game.

Olympic athletes are considered the best in the world at what they do. One key factor that sets them apart is they put in more hours than the rest. On their journey to the top, when they fall, they learn from their mistakes and come out knowing more and doing better than before. They work and adapt their form until they find a powerful, Olympic stride of success. This success is consistent and it’s their ability to deliver winning performances every time that makes them an Olympian.

Top real estate agents get to the top in much the same way. They put in more hours, work with more clients, close more deals, connect with more agents, and consciously look at how they can do better than before. These characteristics are what develop the ability to consistently deliver top results.

For the past SEVEN YEARS in a row, I have been the #1 REALTOR in Sherwood Park and Edmonton at RE/MAX Elite. Although I am proud to be #1, I have never been in this business for personal recognition. For me, it is always about helping others. So, when I started to really think about the extra VALUE my clients get from me being a top realtor, nine clear values came forward.


I sell over 160 houses a year, which means I physically see more houses in this community than almost any other REALTOR. This allows me to give my clients true, honest, factual advice based on my actual experience in the current market.


Sherwood Park is my specialty. My entire career has been in this community. I know Sherwood Park and how it responds in different markets.


Closing as many deals as I do means I am constantly working with other REALTORS. These relationships allow me to access information on how other sellers and buyers are feeling in this market, and I use that information to support my clients through their experience.


I’ve worked and succeeded through a market like this before. I know that staying ahead of the curve is how I bring the most VALUE to my clients.


I’ve learned from past experiences when I could have informed my clients better at a certain point in the process. My job is as much about communication than anything else. I make sure my clients know what they need to know so they have the best real estate experience imaginable.


My confidence comes from the fact that every single day I am actively working with buyers and sellers and closing their deals. I KNOW what to do in this market and any market.


As a top agent, I meet regularly with other top agents. I learn from them and continue to sharpen my skills based on their shared experiences.


To stay #1 for seven years in a row, I have to LOVE WHAT I DO. When you work with someone who LOVES what they do, you get a level of service that just feels different.


This is a people job. As a top REALTOR, I work with many, many clients during what can be one of the most stressful times in their lives. I have learned how to recognize and respect the differences in peoples’ emotions, and I know how to guide them and help them see what might be a good decision or a bad decision. I CARE deeply for my clients and that is what drives me to do the very BEST for them.

I believe everyone deserves to have a positive real estate experience. My years of getting up, showing up as my best, and working hard is completely driven by my need to achieve the very best for my clients.

Good enough isn’t enough for me and it isn’t enough for my clients. I want the best, my clients want the best, and you want the best. I share I’m #1 with the sole purpose of it being my way to immediately communicate the ADDED VALUE you get by choosing a top agent.



Winning is More than Numbers on the Scoreboard

January 30th, 2016 by trinahodges

Last week our family traveled to Airdrie for Jack’s first out-of-town hockey tournament. We were all super excited for everything the weekend had in store, but I had no idea I would walk away learning the lessons I did.

On the ice, the kids got whooped… big time – like 26 to 2, every game. In the stands, my heart was breaking for Jack and his team. I was crumbling inside thinking about how hard this is on them, how sad they must be about losing game after game. I was preparing the words of encouragement and support to lift Jack up when he got of the ice. How would they ever want to keep playing after losing so badly? How fun is it for them if they just keep losing? Oh man, I just wished they could get a win, feel a win.


When I met Jack after his last game, I was all prepared to console him and help him get through this, but I was totally and completely caught of guard, and quite frankly, put in my place. He looked at me like “What’s wrong? What’s the deal? We had a BLAST!!” I was in SHOCK. What’s wrong? You guys didn’t win a single game? But, in that moment I realized that while in the stands I created a story for what I assumed my son’s experience was during all those games. My story of his experience was based completely on MY experience of those games. I completely focused on the numbers on the scoreboard. I thought their joy, their fun, their success was measured by those numbers, too. With every point scored against them, I became more sad and worried for them. If I’m being really honest, I wasn’t having as much fun because they weren’t winning.

While I was sweating with anxiety watching them play, he was on the ice having the time of his life. He shared with me, that he was just so happy to be out-of-town playing hockey with his buddies! Jack and his teammates LOVE hockey, and they showed up to every game giving it all they had, doing their very best. Why? Because they LOVE hockey, and doing their best was FUN. They worked their butts off and had a BLAST! They weren’t measuring success against the numbers on the scoreboard, they were measuring it against their own personal abilities, their own personal best.


After pulling my jaw off the floor, I reflected back on what really happened in those games. And, what I saw was something completely different than the initial experience I had. I could now see a group of kids working as a team, cheering each other on at every moment in the game. I saw kids who learned how to dig a little deeper and feel what it is like to not give up even when it’s impossible to win. I saw a team who would rather be playing hockey than not, and who cherished this opportunity as a time to be together on the ice… and off! I saw a team who, regardless of the score still chased the kid on the break away and blocked every goal like they were playing for the Stanley Cup! I saw a group of AMAZING kids, and stand up sportsmen!

Since that weekend, I have been thinking about everything I learned from Jack and his team, and I was reminded about how to show up in my own life.

Here are the biggest things I learned:

 – If I am doing what I LOVE and I show up doing it with everything I got, I will still win even when I’m   getting beat up a bit.

 – My experience in the arena is the same as Jack’s on the ice. I am an extremely competitive person and only after this experience did I actually realize that the ball hockey team I play on has lost every single game. Yet, I always come out of the arena feeling, exactly as Jack did, like a winner. Why? Because I played my best and I was with people I love.

 – Life is about connection and relationships. And, to experience powerful connection I must show up fully and completely as myself, doing my best, being honest about who I am (weaknesses included). When this connection happens, I am fulfilled. And this is why I love real estate. It’s about people. I get to feel this connection with every client.

 – That having good competition helps me sharpen my tools, plan new moves, and come out stronger than I would have otherwise.

 – Surrounding myself with people I love and respect is how I win before I even begin.

When my son first started hockey, I quickly fell in love with all aspects of the hockey life. Jack is seven and in his third year of hockey, and I’m quite certain this is the first of many powerful lessons I will learn from my son and this game.


I know that many of my clients and friends have or had children in competitive hockey and other sports. I’m so interested to hear what some of the greatest lessons you might have learned from your children and their sports. Please, do share.

A New Year Lead with Gratitude

January 23rd, 2016 by trinahodges

Happy New Year!12370965_10153883880931189_1727359172438693007_o
With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season behind us, I am filled with gratitude for everything that was 2015 and I am looking forward to 2016!

This year felt like my best yet, especially the holidays. I really think it is all due to the age of my kids. Jack, 7, and Sophia, 5, are becoming such fun, interesting, awesome little humans. I am definitely heading into the best years of my life with my kids. The saying “every year gets better” is bang on for me.

The same goes for my work. Entering my 16th year as a REALTOR®, I can genuinely say I am as excited about my work today, as I was my first year. My passion and joy comes 100% from you, my clients! Since I started in real estate, I have never had a year where I sold less than the one before. As my volume increases, it’s hard for me not to wonder if that trend will end. This year, I was amazed when I added up the deals and realized I sold 160 homes – up 30 homes from last!

Over the last year, I have received 50 referrals from my client base! My GRATITUDE is overflowing. Referral numbers like this are almost unheard-of. When I tell people I have the BEST CLIENTS ever, I’m not joking. I feel honoured, thankful and exceptionally grateful for your continued referrals! They mean more to me than you will ever know. My clients feel like my family, I care deeply about you.

Many of you might be wondering what the market brings this year. Edmonton and area will do better than other parts of the Province and Country. The construction and development projects that are currently in progress, as well as job growth in a number of smaller sectors will keep our workforce at stable levels. 2016 will remain a buyers market. For buyers looking to move up, this market can prove as a great time for you to take advantage of the smaller gap between your current home and the home you wish to move up too. Now more than ever, good advice will be the defining factor in real estate success. If handled well, this market offers great opportunities that aren’t always available.

It’s no secret that I LOVE my community. Sherwood Park is not only my home, but it’s the place where I feel fully and completely myself. Serving the people in Sherwood Park, to me, is like looking after my family. This year, I was honoured to sponsor a number of special events in Sherwood Park. For me, this is about giving back to the community and families who have supported me over the years.

The events I was involved in this year, include:

The Mayor’s Golf Tournament with proceeds going to Everybody Gets To Play. A program that provides funding for limited income families to give their children access to sports and recreational activities they otherwise couldn’t afford.MayorGolf

Celebration of Lights – Christmas is my favourite time of year. Being a part of this community event and giving families a chance to get pictures with Santa (at no cost) was a perfect way to kick off the season!!SantapicWinter Sky Show – I love fireworks and lightshows. Being a part of a spectacular New Year’s show that brings the community together made my year!


In 2015, I received a Lifetime Achievement Award with RE/MAX. My husband joked, saying “are you really old enough to get a lifetime achievement award?” I agree on the age thing! However, the award is based on the number of years I’ve been with RE/MAX and the total volume I’ve done. Most people receive this award when they are nearing the end of their career, but I’ve reached the numbers and was honored to receive the award.

I wish you and your family a year of health, peace and happiness.

Best Wishes,
Trina Hodges

I Received a Lifetime Achievement Award!

December 15th, 2015 by trinahodges

THR 2015 Lifetime Achievement AwardI always feel so grateful and a little surprised when I get these kind of awards because they are not my motivation. The gratitude comes from a place where I feel so thankful for all the clients…their referrals and their heartwarming loyalty. I work hard to provide great service and to ensure I give my clients the attention they need to feel safe as they make the big changes in their life. Whether it is moving up…downsizing or going through a difficult move (divorce) or an exciting move because their family is growing!

Awards are a vessel which propels me to reflect on the hard work that has gotten me to where I am. sacrifices I have made; the missed evenings putting my kids to bed, the missed events and time with my family and friends, working weekends and 7 days a week in the busy season. I do it because I LOVE IT. And I love it because I continue to have the most supporting family. They know that I do this to provide a great service to clients who are trusting me w their biggest asset in life…their home. And I never take that for granted.

Each year I set goals and I have been lucky enough to surpass them each year. I do this because I believe in myself and know that my true motivation is to help people. I love to be able to serve from a place of love and joy. I love people and this career has allowed me to meet amazing families. I get a glimpse into people’s lives and I can truly say we are all the same. We all want to provide for our families. Make the best decision. Feel joy and happiness and above all love. I can truly say I attract the most amazing families into my life and I’m the one who is blessed to learn from all of them.


Trina Hodges, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Real estate agent, Remax, Remax Elite



The Magic of Christmas

November 18th, 2015 by trinahodges


Anyone who knows me knows—I love Christmas. It’s just my thing. Every year, without fail, I look forward to the holidays; for me, Christmas is about taking part in my favourite traditions, spending time with my family, and reveling in the magic of the season.

This is the time of year when my kids and I step away from the busyness of everyday life and it’s totally guilt-free, because the holidays are all about us being together. I love bringing Christmas into my home. We put up—I kid you not—four Christmas trees throughout the house, each decorated with care and a lot of giggles. We drink cocoa and watch Mickey’s Christmas Carol, something I can guarantee we will do at least ten times before the end of December.

I truly believe Sherwood Park is one of the best back-drops I could ask for at Christmas time. I love taking my kids skating at Millennium Place whenever I want. We go sledding with our big bouncing dog, Boris, laughing our hearts out as we clumsily reach the bottom of the hill with faces full of snow. As a special outing, we always make it to the greenhouses in the area, Greenland Garden Centre and Salisbury Green House, to marvel at their gorgeous displays and pick out a few bobbles and treats to bring home with pride.

Yes, I have a very special place in my heart for Christmas.

Something that makes this year’s quickly approaching holiday season even sweeter for me is the chance I was recently given to combine two of my favourite things…Christmas and community. I am thrilled to share that I am one of this year’s sponsors for Strathcona County’s annual ‘Celebration of Lights’ event.



Celebrate the season

So, please consider this your official invite to come out and enjoy the Celebration of Lights on Saturday, November 21 (2:30PM to 5:00PMP) at the Community Centre on 401 Festival Lane in Sherwood Park. Map here

There are a ton of fun activities planned for the day—candy cane and cookie decorating, a petting zoo, ornament crafting, games, and treats. I even have it on good authority that Mr. and Mrs. Claus are going to make a special appearance as well.

The main event—the lighting of the Christmas tree and outside lights will be turned on by Santa and the Mayor at 5PM. This is a free event and all ages are welcome; donations will be collected for the Strathcona Food Bank, see here at the door.

I do hope that you and your family will make it out to this tremendously fun event as a way to kick-off your own holiday season. As you begin to settle into your Christmas traditions, I wish you many happy memories with those you love.


Trina Hodges, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Real estate agent, Remax, Remax Elite




Pulling together a new-home binder

November 2nd, 2015 by trinahodges

Buying and moving into a new home is a wonderful and exciting life-moment. I’d like to say the process of physically getting to that new home is equally as exciting, but in all truthfulness, sometimes the process of moving can feel a bit chaotic and disorderly.

The idea of packing up all the stuff in the old house and cutting ties with that home, and then transporting boxes upon boxes to the new place, makes the best of us feel a bit tense.

As a way to reduce stress and keep things as organized as possible, I recommend to my clients, they create a ‘new-home binder’.

Trina Hodges, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Real estate agent, Remax, Remax Elite

Building your binder

A new-home binder is an easy and inexpensive way to keep important reminders and documents in one place when you’re moving.  To start, you’ll need a binder, dividers, a three-hole punch, plastic page protectors, and a three-ring zipper-pouch.

After you fill your binder with the supplies mentioned above, start labeling the dividers with category names.

Here’s some categories to get your started:

To do’s: include a print-off of a full-page monthly calendar so you can write in important dates; a page for immediate to-do’s and one for less time-sensitive to-do’s should also be included. Remember to put in a list of all utilities, along with a spot to check off if you’ve arranged to disconnect and reconnect services at your old and new home.

Kid’s corner: keep important documents from school here so they don’t get lost in the chaos (school calendars, spelling words, reading lists, etc.).

Legal documents: include contracts, land title documents, site plans, etc.

Finances: put correspondence with your bank here and information on things like your mortgage; add in a monthly bill reminder page so no bills go unpaid.

Estimates: at the front of this section, keep a page for on-going repairs that are required in your new (or new-to-you) home; include any estimates you’ve gathered from various companies.

Warranty: Alberta New Home Warranty and any warranties for new appliances or furniture you buy go here.

Phone numbers: keep a running list of important phone numbers for quick and easy access (e.g. service providers, kids’ school, doggie daycare, lawyer, home builder, etc.).

All the extras

Use your page protectors and pouch for things you don’t want to punch a hole in or small items like receipts, paint chip samples, or business cards.

Trina Hodges, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Real estate agent, Remax, Remax Elite

Needing more…

Trina Hodges, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Real estate agent, Remax, Remax Elite


See my expert tips on how to sell your house faster and for more money.



Trina Hodges, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Real estate agent, Remax, Remax Elite


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